Grønt Marked day logistics 2021

Opening hours

  • The market operating hours are from 10am until 3pm.

Time of set up and close down

  • All producers should aim to arrive by 8:30am – 9am at the latest to ensure you are set up and ready to sell for all of the early birds. 
  • Stallholders should unload their vehicles as quickly as possible to avoid inconveniencing others also trying to set up. 
  • No traffic movement within the market area from 15 minutes prior to market opening time and close of trade.
  • Those of you who have borrowed tents will have them laid out at your location ready to be assembled – we would usually allow around 10 – 15 minutes to set up each one and attach sandbags. 
  • All stalls should be closed and packed down by 4:30pm so the road can be re-opened by 5pm.


  • The market will be held on space behind the yellow houses in front of Lille Bakery (see the map below)
  • The address is Refshalevej 120, 1432 København K 
  • We will have a site map ready to show you where your stall is for when you arrive.

Social distancing for market stalls and COVID-19 rules

  • This time we will have the road completely closed off so there won’t be any traffic apart from foot traffic strolling down the street.
  • All tents will have at least 4 meters (or more) in between them to ensure everyone has space to breathe freely.
  • We will put up markers on the ground to remind the market goers to keep a safe distance from each other and the stalls. You will be responsabile to make sure people respect the distance while shopping/queueing in your stall.
  • You will be responsible for having hand sanitiser, gloves and a Covid-19 poster at your stalls. (I have attached the link for the poster so you can print it out before you arrive.) 
  • We will also have the Covid-19 posters printed from the police website around the market to remind people to keep a safe distance.
  • To ensure a safe transaction between yourself and the general public only you (the stall holder) touches the produce to limit the amount of hands touching the food/goods. If you want to have some things pre-packed that could also be a good idea. 
  • Each stall will be identified as a ‘shop’ and you will all be responsible for operating safely and in accordance with the current Covid-19 restrictions. (We will have volunteers around to also insure everyone is being safe and keeping their distance)


  • We have 10 tents available for use at the market. 
  • These can either be shared between 2 or used by 1 producer alone. 
  • They have a very basic design that is easy to set up 
  • The dimensions are 3m x 1m 
  • These are only available to the stallholders who do not have a tent of their own and who have pre- booked one.

Stall Space

  • Each producer/stall will have a space of 4×4 meters 

Equipment / Electricity / Water

  • Please bring a table if you think you would like more space to display your things. 
  • For those stalls who will be needing electricity please bring a cable and extension cord so we can power you up!. We will be taking it from the driving school next to lille and they will charge a day rate. (nothing too expensive)


  • There is a toilet available to all stallholders inside Lille. 


  • We always encourage the use of mobile pay and card at the markets as it’s a fast and easy way to make a transaction without having to touch money or count coins. 
  • Saying that.. Its also good to have some cash/coins handy for those visitors that may not have a card/mobile banking set up or that come from abroad.


  • To make sure the energy levels stay high, all stallholders will have access to a small vegetarian lunch dish for 50dkk per person.


  • It is completely up to you on how you wish to set up and promote your tent/space. On that note we expect to see some signs or banners communicating who you are, what you do, where you’re from and of course what it is that you are selling.


  • Please don’t forget to follow us on instagram and facebook and promote the markets

    instagram : @groentmarked 

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groentmarked


  • There is parking for all cars just next to the bus stop as you enter Refshaleøen.


  • As you may already know – our market depends on the effort and work of many volunteers that help us with the market set up. We are usually offering them some food and drinks during the day and we are now considering to create a “gift box” for them to bring home after their shift. We were wondering if any of you would like to participate donating some produce as symbolic gesture to pay back for their help. Any contribution will be appreciated.


  • We really believe in the core value of this project: making good, local, seasonal and sustainable food accessible to the most while promoting and supporting all those realities that works hard to leave a better world for next generations to live in. For this reason we want the Grønt Marked to be plastic free. You are welcome to bring disposable and compostable paper or PLA cups, spoons, bags etc.

Other farms

  • Also, if you know of other small producers/farmers who have nice working values, good produce and would fit in well with the current stallholders feel free to give them our contact details so they can also have a platform to sell their goods too. 🙂

Markets in 2021

We are currently planning to hold the markets on the second Sunday of each month from May 2021 to December 2021. We are also planning 3 extra markets in order to test a new location and demographic area (they are still to be confirmed).. 


Calendar 2021

9th May

13th June

11th July

8th August

12th September

10th October

14th November

12th or 19th December 


Possible Extra Markets 2021

22nd August

26th September 

24th October

Questions or suggestions

if anyone has any questions or queries or suggestions feel free to contact us at any time. 


Viola Capriola

viola@groentmarked.dk – 31450734


Mia Boland

mia@groentmarked.dk – 22600003


Rich Bewley

rich@groentmarked.dk – 26447724


Yunus Adams

yunus@groentmarked.dk – 28767052


Virginia Catena

virginia@groentmarked.dk – 27840968

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