Grønt Marked is a non-profit farmers market organisation in Copenhagen.
Our intention is making real food more available to everyone, and building
a stronger connection and community between farmers and eaters.


by Lille Bakery

Every 1st Sunday of the month


at Litauens Plads

Every 2nd Sunday of the month


at Guldberg Byplads

Every 3rd Sunday of the month

New location

to be announced…

Every 4th Sunday of the month

All markets are 10:00-15:00

In addition to the weekly markets…

More than a market

We encourage all market-goers to involve themselves deeper in the soil, and try to learn from growers, producers, cooks and each other by taking part in the always growing small-scale, sustainable farming community.

We – as well as our community – frequently arrange events/activities, and anyone who is interested is always welcome.

Click on any of the events below to read more about what, when and where.

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Farmers market




All markets are 10.00 – 15.00


by Lille Bakery

1st May

5th June

3rd July

7th August

4th September

2nd October

6th November

4th December – Christmas Market!


at Litauens Plads

14th August

11th September

9th October

13th November

11th December – Christmas Market!


on Guldberg Byplads

15th May

19th June

17th July

21st August

18th September

16th October

20th November

18th December – Christmas Market!


Harvest Festival

Grønt Marked is organising a Harvest Festival on October 2nd in Refshaleøen.

It will be a beautiful day, with our usual market plus workshops, talks and music and some food!